Samena Foundation - Leadership Programme

The Lila Poonawalla Foundation set up a three week leadership programme for 25 Indian girls which had £100,000+ funding by the Samena Foundation which ispart of Samena Capital. Whist working at Video Advisor we were commissioned by Samena Foundation to create a short documentary film, highlighting the experience and the benefits of this programme.

We shoot 7 days over the course of the 3 weeks to develop a narrative that shows the progression of the girls from the day they arrived in the UK to the moment they left. I developed the storyboard, directed on shoots, conducted interviews and commissioned a composer to create bespoke music

Created by: Video Advisor
Producer/Director: Romany Rowell
First Camera: Chris Daymond
Assistant Camera: Martin Tucker & Pavel Burmistrov
Editor: Romany Rowell
Graphics: Romany Rowell
Music: Henry Bird