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Client: Porsche
Agency: Conde Nast
 Pavilion Works

Director: Whitney Conti

In collaboration with Vogue + Wired, Porsche launched a global platform dedicated to education and inspiration. As part of this platform, The Art of Drive films are an online master-class series exploring what drives the entrepreneurs shaping our future.


Director Whitney Conti spoke to inspiring entrepreneurs such as Sharmadeen Reid (founder of The stack world) and Hannah Lux Davis (Music director). I cut together these "to the point" educational films, with tips and tricks for starting something new.

The Art of Drive platform can be found here


Director: Whitney Conti

Producer: Alice Gilfillan 

Agency producer: Megan Townley-Wakelin

Photographer: Aisyah Octavia

Editor: Romany Rowell

Colourist: Nielson Bohl

Date 2020

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