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Client: Sprandi
Agency: Charlotte Wales Studio

Director: Charlotte Wales 

Sprandi is a Polish shoe brand looking to tap into the US market with its 'Take Care" TV commercial. Working with director, Charlotte Wales, the film continues the brand style with the weird and surreal 90s aesthetic of life in this LA mansion. With a star studded cast featuring, Finn Wolfhard, Amber Valetta and Kyle Maclachlan, the edit compliments the weird world by paying homage to the 90s style TV intro sequences.


I edited 2 x 30s TV ads, and the first 30s film (shown above) reached over 700,000 views on Youtube.

Director: Charlotte Wales

Post-production: Pavilion Works

Producer: Alice gilfillan

Editor: Romany Rowell

Colourist: Neilson Bohl


Date 2022

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