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Client: Vogue x Whistles
Agency: Conde Nast
 Pavilion Works

Director: Olivia Lifungula

Vogue partnered with fashion brand, Whistles, to profile emerging creative collective, Muslim Sisterhood talking to the co-founders, Zeinab & Lamisa and Hafsa.


A collaboration between director Olivia Lifungula and I, the documentary style film champions women and creativity, with a celebration of community and sisterhood. In this film we see both empowering moments as well as moments of tenderness, and this balance is at the heart of the edit. 

Director: Olivia Lifungula

Production & Post-productioon: Pavilion Works

Producer: Alice Gilfillan

Creative: Phil Jackson

Agency producer: Alex Dawson

Editor: Romany Rowell

Colourist: Neilson Bohl


Date 2022

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