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Client: Xbox
Agency: Edelman
 Pavilion Works

Director: Theo Rhys

To promote Xbox Gamepass, Edelman conceptualised an idea to promote the product by showcasing other gaming accessories as being insubordinate to GamePass. Director, Theo Rhys brought this to life setting up a "dramedy" style prank show, bring REAL gamers to test accessories that inevitably were not real accessories. 

As lead editor for this, we had a 15 camera set up with multiple audio channels all taking places in real time across 3 different locations on set. I cut this together to emulate a TV reality prank show, playing with tension and comedy to engage viewers in this fake testing set up.


Director: Theo Ryhs

Producer: Will Gafferty

Editor: Romany Rowell & Tom Gillian

Edit Assist: Nielson Bohl & Ashen

Colourist: Nielson Bohl

Date 2022

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